Academic Coaching

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Academic coaching is a partnership between a student* and her coach that focuses mainly on the process of learning. With the help of the coach, the student will examine her learning styles, working habits and any obstacles that she is facing before creating and putting in place an effective strategy for the student to become motivated, productive and successful. As such, the academic coach will take into account the individual and unique needs of the student. In other words, academic coaching is designed to fulfil the academic potential of the student.

Very importantly, however, the academic coach is not here to write the student’s essays and/or research papers although there is the added option of proof-reading services

As an experienced educator, I offer online private 1:1 academic coaching services to:

Pre-university students (6-12 months before going to university)

I will help you prepare for university life by going over any doubts, fears and questions you may have together with some effective study strategies for a successful first year at university.

University students (all levels)

I will help you with study skills such as reading for comprehension, note-taking and writing strategies as well as time management and communication skills.


I will help you, amongst other things, devise your career strategy, create and develop a successful writing practice, brainstorm research ideas, and give you lecturing/teaching tips.

To find out more about how I can help you, please contact me.

*The term ‘student’ is used loosely here (in the context of the services I offer, it refers to pre-university and university students as well as academics).